Our Christian leaders around the world have encountered increasing hostility against the message of Jesus Christ. In some places, they have been on a "kill at will" list" because of their love for the Lord and their concern for souls without Christ.

We are very conscious that given photographs of our associates, there are malicious people who would have an easier job of locating them and attempting to kill them or members of their families. For that reason, we try not to show close-ups, clear photographs, or other revealing information about these Church leaders.

But, we dearly wish we could share the kind, caring, and zealous faces of those who work with us. These are people who know that their lives are in jeopardy each day, yet continue to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We would encourage you, if you are a Christian, to pray for the many aspects of Blueprint For Revival Ministries and the men and women who carry forth the Light into a dark world before Jesus returns !

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