One of the larger churches in Accra, Ghana, wrote to us and asked for teaching materials. This church had a staff of six people and a large congregation. "We know John 3:16 and how to tell people they must be saved, but we don't know alot of the Bible beyond that." This stirred our hearts greatly.

We knew that we had to respond by providing more Bible teaching. As the Lord's ways often open up, there was a confirmation of this need through several other pastors there. However, as a pastor to a church in Florida his responsibilities would not permit Dr. MacWilliams to spend a great deal of time overseas. So, he developed a simple series of Bible courses--the basics of the "once-for-all delivered faith"--which could be taught in an organized manner. These courses became the start of the free Bible Institute program which has grown throughout Africa.

One of the needs which Dr. MacWilliams saw was for a Bible education that pastors could afford without leaving their congregations or giving up their churches completely. Today, many of the local Blueprint Bible Institutes provide correspondance teachings for pastors, and make certain that the courses are at no charge to the pastors. Although some seminarians might not see this program to be of a seminary level, it provides pastors the fundamentals of the Faith, and tools they need to research and study the Bible for themselves for the rest of their lives, and learn how to listen to the Holy Spirit's guidance on studying the precious Word.

Much to the surprise of this ministry, houses and lands have been given to the local Bible Institutes for the purpose of expanding this outreach. This aspect of Blueprint Ministries continues to grow and bless many hundreds of church leaders each year. As of December, 2011, there are an estimated 380 pastors and evangelists enrolled in Blueprint Bible Institutes throughout the world.

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